• Premium Bottled Saké

    • G Ÿ• Genshu Joy


      Bold & Rich, full of exceptional melon, butterscotch & enticing black pepper flavors

    • Kurosawa


      Dry, medium-bodied w/ subtle flavors of salted apple & coconut water. Aromas of banana & pineapple husk

    • Momokawa Pearl


      Unfiltered, creamy & rich. Filled w/ bright tropical flavors of coconut & banana. A smooth, mild finish

    • Ozeki Hana-Awaka “Sparkling Flower”


      Light & bubbly, clean & crisp. Ripe fruit flavors w/ hints of rose petal

    • Sho Chiku Bai Organic


      Full, dry & balanced fresh, fruity flavors. Soft & smooth texture
      - Certified Organic -

    • Suzaku


      Fruity aroma, delicate notes of pear, honeydew & pineapple. Remarkably smooth, light fruity finish

    • Plum Wine

    • Takara Plum

      $7 /Glass
      $27 /Bottle

      Rich & sweet w/ aromatic ripe plum. Pairs well w/ spicy dishes or enjoy as a dessert wine
      Glass or Bottle

    • Sakétini

    • Hamare Strawberry Cream


      Unfiltered, creamy texture, Natural Strawberry juice infusion w/ a luscious taste

    • Hana Fuji Apple


      Fresh aroma that fulfills the palate w/ crisp tartness of apple fruit

    • Hana Lychee


      Intense flavors of exotic lychee fruit w/ a clean, crisp finish

    • Hana White Peach


      Gentle scent w/ a lovely, lingering finish of sweet ripe peach