• Deserts

    • Chocolate Lava Cake


      Moist chocolate cake with a warm, creamy chocolate ganache center & a scoop of vanilla ice cream

    • Chocolate Tuxedo Bomb


      Chocolate Ganache, white chocolate & dark chocolate mousse

    • Crème Brulèe


      Classic French style custard, caramelized brown sugar crust, mint & strawberry garnish

    • Fried Banana Split Sundae


      Bananas wrapped in crispy spring roll skins, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup & sweet condensed milk drizzle

    • Mochi Ice Cream


      Variety of Vanilla, Strawberry & Mango Ice cream balls wrapped in pounded sticky rice pastry

    • Tempura Cheesecake


      Fried cheesecake, whipped cream, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, mint & strawberry garnish

    • Tempura Ice Cream


      Pound cake crusted vanilla ice cream, powder sugar, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, mint & strawberry garnish